General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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[[Back on the Grand Protuberance's flagship, Nick attempts to wrap up the negotiations.]]
Nick: Whatever we do, we'll need to act quickly. We have a major project with a hard deadline, and...
[[He notices the Protuberance has his eyes closed and a finger placed against his temple, as if deep in concentration.]]
Nick: Grand Protuberance? Is something wrong?

Protuberance: [Opening his eyes and turning back to the delegates] I have received troubling news from Protuberance Lambda. One of his long-range scout ships has been destroyed on the outskirts of the star system you call Wolf 1061.

Protuberance: [Turning toward Plato] Before losing contact, the Skaboola reported the presence of Physaric ships.
Plato: [Placing a pseudopod against his own "temple"] I am checking with the Syncytium. We have no ships in that system at the moment.

Protuberance: The second planet is host to a primitive, pre-space-faring civilization of little consequence. Their religion is a notable curiosity, but they are otherwise unremarkable.
[[Planck turns curiously toward Nick, he appears deep in thought.]]

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