General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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Sparky: Master, I'm growing increasingly concerned for your well-being. This mystery ailment is obviously getting worse.
Nega-Nick: Mind your own #@&# business, Sparky. (Cough)

Sparky: We've learned a great deal about your species' anatomy during our brief invasion, but we haven't been able to identify the root cause of your illness.
Nega-Nick: [Scowling] I KNOW what's wrong, moron.

Sparky: If you could provide more details, then, we might be able to--
Nega-Nick: It ain't something you pudding sacks can fix, Sparky. NOBODY can fix it. I'm NOT going to get better.

Sparky: [Alluding to the mystery object they obtained earlier from the invaded planet] So... not even THAT will help...?
Nega-Nick: That ain't intended to FIX me. Just get me (cough) to the finish line.

References: The mystery object
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