General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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[[The Physarics "Sparky" and "Scooter" slither out of the dimly-lit room, leaving Nega-Nick sitting cross-legged alone.]]

[[Nega-Nick, his eyes closed, speaks to the emptiness surrounding him.]]
Nega-Nick: You might as well (cough) show yourself, or as much as you previously did. I KNOW you're (cough) there.

[[A strange, mysterious voice responds.]]
Voice: I didn't want to be presumptuous and interrupt.
Nega-Nick: Bull$#!%. You're the most presumptuous @$$ I've ever known.

[[We close in as Nega-Nick stares into the growing darkness, which begins to veil everything else. A pair of glowing eyes and a broad, maniacal grin pierces the inky blackness.]]
Nega-Nick: Then again, you always preferred to lurk in the shadows. I was wondering when the #&*$ you were going to show up.
Pandemonium: Always when you least expect it, naturally.

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