General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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[[Pandemonium, still cloaked in shadow, steps over to the strange object obtained from the alien planet earlier. He waves his hand over it like a salesman showcasing his prized product.]]
Pandemonium: You scoff, and yet you STILL followed the hints I left for you. Otherwise, you would have never known where to look... for THIS.

Nega-Nick: I figured you (cough) had something to do with that. If I had known for sure, I would have (cough) avoided it like the plague.
Pandemonium: Now, is that any way to treat your savior?

Nega-Nick: BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Cough, hack, wheeze... Now THAT'S rich. "Savior." Please. Like I would trust YOU with anything, let alone my life. Now you're blowing smoke up my @$$.

Pandemonium: On the contrary, this is everything the rumors claimed it was... and more. It is a balm to your weary soul, a salve to your weakened body. It will sustain you to the bitter end.

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