General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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[[Nega-Nick eyes the mysterious object obtained from the alien temple.]]
Nega-Nick: Sustain me, huh? (Cough) I THOUGHT it emitted a weak space-time warping field...
Pandemonium: [Placing a hand on the object] Then I take it you've figured out what your mystery aliment is...?

Nega-Nick: I can make an educated guess. I don't belong here. I'm a foreign body in this universe. I'm a "virus", and the "antibodies" are working to destroy me.
Pandemonium: Very perceptive.

Nega-Nick: So this suppresses that "auto-immune response"?
Pandemonium: For a time, but not indefinitely. Those antibodies will win in the end, until either you die or return to your own universe.

Nega-Nick: [Scowling] Well, the latter ain't gonna happen. So thanks for dumping me in this universe to die a long, painful death.
Pandemonium: I COULD have just left you in the Void, an eternity of nothingness...

References: "I'm a 'virus'"
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