General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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Pandemonium: So what, then, are your next steps, your highness?
Nega-Nick: I need to acquire something from the Greys. (Cough) Fortunately, my lame counterpart is bringing it right to me.

Pandemonium: Oh, really? Would it happen to be that new toy of theirs I left hints about...?
Nega-Nick: So that was your doing? %#@$, you're connected. Yeah, that's the ticket.

Nega-Nick: Goody Two-Shoes is leading his Kymbaya Armada here in a bid to stop whatever the %#&& I'm up to, but little does he know that he's actually doing me a favor.

Nega-Nick: And once he gets here, I'm gonna put his @$$ in check, right after I steal that little item right from under the Grand Protuberance's non-existent nose...

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