General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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Colonel Lionel Barker: Two genuine surprises in as many minutes. You must be truly desperate to seek MY assistance.
Nick: Desperate, no. But I also know both our areas of expertise.

Nick: I assume you listened to the negotiations?
Barker: [Waving his hand dismissively] What I could follow. If anything, it seems politics is universal. I suppose one doesn't have to be human to be a bureaucrat.

Nick: We both know you're no slouch at manipulating others to get what you want, human or otherwise. You may have been a solider first, but you've obviously played the game.

Barker: Touche. Then in what capacity am I allegedly lending you assistance?
NicK: As a solider and tactician, of which I am neither. I'm about to go to war. That's not my forte.

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