General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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Colonel Lionel Barker: You want me to advice you in the coming conflict? Surely my sons vetoed this.
Nick: They've voiced their objections, but Fooker reluctantly admitted you'd be useful.

Nick: They're spies, active or retired. They know covert ops, but they've never faced open war. You HAVE. And while the aliens have faced each other, this enemy is unknown.

Barker: Ah, yes, your doppelganger from another world. I've read the files on that little unauthorized operation. Can't say I believe half of it, but I wasn't there.

Nick: So will you help me? You will remain in custody, of course, but I'll listen to your advice.
Barker: [Smirking] I am amenable. However, I have conditions... and a counter proposal...

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