General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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Nick: [Skeptical] You want Trudy's mom and Victor Brown to come with you to the bridge? Why?
Colonel Lionel Barker: Does not the coming conflict affect them as well? Should their fate be out of their own hands?

Barker: Esther is cunning and intelligent. She is adept at both perpetrating and recognizing deceit. She could be a valuable asset, considering the guile of our opponent.

Nick: Fair enough. But that doesn't explain why I should release Brown.
Barker: And it is wise that you should be wary, given that he arguably attempted to murder you.

Barker: That said, since we have had little else to do here but talk, I have come to appreciate some of his insights. He is knowledgeable, if impulsive. I would value his input.
[Nick narrows his eyes.]

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