General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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Dwayne: do you have any idea what this "great evil" might be?
Planck: Not really. They only speak of it in vague terms. I don't think they're allowed to speak or write about it directly.

[[Nick and Fooker turn to a panel behind them, where Fred, Persephone, Socrates, and Plato sit.]]
Nick: Do you know anything about this, Socrates? Plato?
Socrates: No. We dropped a few scouts here once to investigate, but we didn't probe deeply into their culture.

Fooker: [To Nick] You don't think our Big Bad is looking for an even bigger bad to team up with, do ya?
Nick: I doubt it. How would he even know about it if the Physarics didn't know?

Nick: He was certainly looking for SOMETHING here, and odds are we'll find out eventually.
Dwayne: Hopefully not when he uses it against us...
[[Behind them, the main door to the bridge opens. Colonel Lionel Barker, Esther Matusevitch, and Victor Brown are escorted by Justin and Lieutenant Johnson. None of them appear to be happy about the visit.]]

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