General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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Victor Brown: [Raising his hands to prominently display his alien handcuffs] What I want to know is why SHE'S not in handcuffs like we are.
Colonel Lionel Barker: Because she is not deemed the same potential physical threat we are, Victor.

Barker: I, being a combat veteran who single-handedly handed the Earth over to alien invaders, and you, whose insurrectionist plot nearly led to Mr. Wellington's demise.

Nick: [To Brown] I'm not thrilled that you're here either, but I need the Colonel's advice, and he wouldn't agree to offer it if you weren't here as well. So either help out or keep quiet.

Brown: Yeah, yeah, keep your jumpsuit on. I know why I'm here. I'll keep to myself, and I'll do my part when the time comes.
[[Esther Matusevitch cocks a curious eyebrow while Colonel Barker smirks.]]

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