General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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[[One of the Grey bridge drones interrupts.]]
Grey drone: Captain, we are receiving a communique from the Grand Protuberance's flagship.
Pi: Open the channel.

[[A giant hologram of the Grand Protuberance fills the front of the bridge.]]
Nick: Yes, Grand Protuberance?
Protuberance: I am uncertain what your intent is toward the planet, but our sensors have detected movement in the nearby asteroid field.

Pi: [Turning toward the bridge crew] Euler?
Euler: I can confirm those findings, but ionization from debris is keeping me from verifying whether there are actual enemy vessels present.

Protuberance: It is still worthy of investigation. I will dispatch several ships to investigate.
Socrates: [Interjecting] We'll send a few along with them, just in case they need backup.

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