General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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[[Back on "Nega-Nick's" "flagship", he walks into a control center where several Physarics and their thralls appear to be very busy.]]
Nega-Nick: Status report, Sparky.
Sparky: The enemy fleet has arrived in orbit around the second planet. A number of ships are breaking formation and heading toward the asteroid field.

Nega-Nick: Excellent. The decoys worked. Maneuver the strike force into position. Once there's enough distance between the two groups, we'll make our move.

[[We shift back to the bridge of the HMS Bounty.]]
Grey Drone: The search ships have reached the edge of the asteroid belt. No sign of enemy ships.
Colonel Lionel Barker: Hrm...
Nick: Colonel Barker?

Barker: [Narrowing his eyes] It could be nothing, but this old war dog's hackles are bristling. You have divided your fleet. If your opponent were planning an ambush, this would be the time to strike.

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