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General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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[Comic for Wednesday, May 10, 2023]


[[Inside the Grand Protuberance's flagship, the beak of one of the infiltrator "ships" pierces the hull and breaks through the ceiling of a corridor. As several Grey scientist drones flee, the beak begins to open, releasing a strange, drool-like slime.]]

[[As the beak opens further, several different alien species drop out, armed with both natural and organic weapons.]]

[[The aliens being to engage Grey soldier drones. Since we see the non-Grey aliens from behind, it is more obvious that they each one has a Physaric attached to its neck or back. One Grey soldier lies prone on the floor, either unconscious or dead.]]

[[As the battle rages down the hall, a trio of smaller aliens sneaks off away from the scuffle. Each has a Physaric riding on their back or neck. Due to their size, they are apparently ignored by the Grey soldiers, who are concentrating on the larger invaders.]]

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