General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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[[The trio of small Physaric-controlled aliens make their way through the corridors of the Grand Protuberance's flagship. As the fighting continues down the hall, they come to a closed door. There is Grey writing on the side, but the door is plastered with a sign written in English: "NO HUMANS ALLOWED".]]

[[The aliens open the door, startling the Grey scientist drones inside. They attack the drones, quickly incapacitating them.]]

[[With the Grey drones prone on the floor, the trio approach a large box. In addition to more Grey writing, a sign on the side reads in English, "Contents are of no interest to humans whatsoever. Please ignore and do not look inside."]]

[[The little aliens hoist the box and awkwardly carry it out the door. It is obviously they are struggling, but they remain relentless.]]

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