General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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[[The bridge of the HMS Bounty shakes from the attack by the Physaric vessel.]]
Pi: [Gritting his teeth as he tries to stay in his chair] Damage report!
Gauss: Heavy damage to the starboard maneuvering thrusters! Hyperdrive has sustained moderate damage and is offline!

Dwayne: Can we raise the other ships?
Euler: Hyperspace comms are still jammed. We can't contact the other Grey ships without dropping our telepathic shield.

[[Pi slams his fist down on his armrest.]]
Pi: Flargnak! We can't lose those boarders!
Socrates: [From the back of the bridge] I'll contact the Physaric ships in our fleet and see if any of them can pursue.

Nick: Make sure they keep their distance, though. The last thing we need are more "deserters".
Socrates: Got it. I'll pass the warning along.

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