General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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Planck: Repair crews have started working on restoring the thrusters and hyperdrive. Estimated completion is 480 kilo-ganadans.
Nick: Two hours. I suppose it could be worse.

Gauss: The attackers are moving out of range. The comm channels are starting to clear up.
Pi: Raise the flagship. Let's see what, if any, assistance we can offer each other.

[[The Grand Protuberance's hologram starts to form at the front of the bridge, but it is distorted and not cohesive.]]
Nick: Grand Protuberance, can you read us? Please respond.
Protuberance: Your signal is garbled, but understandable. We are attempting to boost our signal.

[[The Protuberance's hologram solidifies.]]
Nick: We took some damage, but apparently not as much as you. We can offer repair assistance if needed.
Protuberance: [Reluctantly] That... would be appreciated.

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