General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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[[The crew of the HMS Bounty confer with the Grand Protuberance over the recent Physaric attack instigated by Nega-Nick.]]
Protuberance: [Via hologram] The attack struck our main power reactor, which is offline. This was a deliberate, targeted strike. We are not used to the Physarics being so devious and precise.

Nick: That would be our adversary. He unfortunately has enough history with your technology to know exactly where to hit you.
Protuberance: I see.

Protuberance: Regardless, the boarding parties were repelled and repairs are underway. We will be battle ready in 720 kilo-ganadans.
Nick: Do you have any idea what they were after?

Protuberance: That is still under assessment. The section of the ship that was boarded hosts primarily science labs. The only item of note in that region is... [He pauses, gritting his teeth] Project FLRX-1296...

References: Nega-Nick's history with the (Negaverse) Greys: (1) (2)
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