General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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Nick: [Confused] Project FLRX-1296? What's that?
Grand Protuberance: It is none of your concern. We will continue to assess our damages and will contact you if we need assistance. Protuberance out.
[[With that, the Grand Protuberance's hologram unceremoniously vanishes.]]

Colonel Lionel Barker: [Dryly] It seems the Grand Protuberance still has a few secrets hidden up his... er, arm skin folds.
Nick: So it appears. Pi, Planck, any idea what this mysterious project might be?

Planck: No clue. It sounds like a standard naming convention, but there's nothing in our databanks about it.
Pi: If the Skaboola knew about it, he certainly didn't tell US.

[[Euler timidly stands up and turns to face the others.]]
Euler: Um... the Skaboola DID know... and as a consequence, so do I. And none of you are going to like it when I tell you what it is...

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