General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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Fooker: [To Euler] I thought you guys couldn't figure out how Nick's tech works.
Euler: We never did! The Grand Protuberance had legions of drones working countless ganadans with no success!

Euler: At least... up until a little bit before our mutiny. They never figured out the whole trans-dimensional travel part, but they DID unlock how to tap into its mystery power source.

Nick: [Narrowing his eyes] They did WHAT.
Euler: [Cringing] Only... they haven't found a way to CONTROL it. It just sort of... unloads all of its energy in one massive, spontaneous, uncontrolled, omni-directional release...

Nick: [Scowling angrily] Are you telling me the Protuberance found a way to turn my "power source" into a BOMB?
Fooker: Euler, you done a bad, bad thing.
[[End Chapter Five]]

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