General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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[[Trudy catches Ki and Sharon up on what little she knows about recent events.]]
Trudy: And that's the last I've heard.
Sharon: [Surprised] They attacked the Grand Protuberance's flagship? That's bold!
Ki: [Contemplative] A boarding party... I wonder what they were after...

Trudy: It can't be anything good. And until we hear anything else, we have no idea if they were successful. I'm pretty sure we fired our weapons, but who knows if we hit anything.

Sharon: [Worried] And poor Fooker and Nick are on the bridge, right in the middle of it all...
Trudy: Those two can take care of themselves. If anything, Nick is restraining Fooker from charging in.
[[Ki brandishes a wry smile.]]

Ki: True, but that won't stop us from worrying. I'd give anything to be right next to Nick and tell him... [She suddenly winces in pain, causing the other two to take notice.] Ow...

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