General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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[[Ki continues to wince and grit her teeth in obvious pain.]]
Trudy: Ki? Are you all right?
Ki: It's... nothing. Just... another false labor pain. Darn things keep sneaking up on me.

Trudy: [Suspicious] "Another" one? How many have you had? How frequently are they happening?
Ki: I... don't know. A few, maybe? I haven't been keeping track.

Sharon: Let's see... the last time you complained about it was maybe... fifteen minutes ago?
Trudy: [Shocked] That soon? Has it been regular? How long have they lasted?

[[Sharon glances down at Ki's lower body.]]
Sharon: Uh, oh... looks like a little pee snuck out... [She pauses] OK, not so little...
[[Both Ki and Trudy good down as concern fills their faces.]]
Ki and Trudy: [In unison] That's... not pee...

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