General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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[[Trudy leans into the doorway of Doctor Melanie Granger's office.]]
Trudy: Doctor Granger! Ki's water just broke!
Granger: [Surprised] What? Already? I wasn't expecting that for a while yet!

[[The two women enter the exam room where Sharon is tending to Ki, who is in obvious pain.]]
Granger: Has she started having contractions?
Sharon: Probably. We thought they were false labor, but that boolean flag just got inverted.

Granger: How far apart?
Trudy: Fifteen minutes.
Granger: Then we're still in the early stages. That's good. We still have some time to prepare.

Granger: [To Sharon and Trudy] You two help Ki out of that jumpsuit and into something more comfortable. [She taps the intercom button on a nearby wall.] Avogadro, you're needed in the Infirmary ASAP!

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