General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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[[Ki has changed into a hospital gown and now reclines on an examination table. As Trudy and Sharon wait anxiously nearby and Avogadro works in the background, Doctor Melanie Granger examines Ki.]]
Granger: OK, your cervix is dilated to about six centimeters. That's good. Everything is on track.

Granger: [Standing up and wiping her hands on a cloth] For now, we're going to monitor you and try to keep you as comfortable as possible. Avogadro can provide some pain medication if you need it.

Sharon: [To Ki] Don't you worry, Ki! We'll be right by your side the entire time! You've got the sister midwives here to back you up!

Trudy: No offense, but hard pass. I've already delivered one baby. This time, I'm leaving it to the professional.
[[Sharon looks disappointed.]]
Ki: No... offense... taken.

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