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[[As Sharon continues to tend to Ki, Trudy approaches Doctor Melanie Granger.]]
Trudy: Doctor, how long do you think this will take?
Granger: It's impossible to tell. Seeing as this is Ki's first birth, it could take longer that usual. Possibly hours.

Granger: [Cocking a curious eyebrow and sporting a mischievous smile] Did I hear you say you delivered a baby once?
Trudy: [Irritated] Yes. Long story. Insert a sports metaphor here about passing the ball and being the last one closest to the goal.

Granger: Well, I won't drag you into this if you don't want to volunteer, but there IS one thing you can do that would be a tremendous help.
Trudy: [Resigned] Sure. What is it?

Granger: [Placing a hand on Trudy's shoulder] Someone needs to let Nick know he's about to be a father.
[Trudy's eyes grow wide.]

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