General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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[[Trudy walks up to the door that Bohr and another Grey soldier drone are guarding.]]
Trudy: [Coolly] I need to talk to Nick immediately.
Bohr: [Flatly] No unauthorized personnel are allowed to enter this room without authorization from within.

Trudy: [Scowling] This is an emergency!
Bohr: That is a correct assessment. This ship is currently at alert status. Code Vermilion. You still are not authorized for access to this chamber.

[[Behind Trudy, Chris and Patty have wandered over, curious as to what's going on.]]
Chris: [To Patty] Code Vermilion?
Patty: [To Chris] At least it's not Code Puce...
Trudy: [Ignoring the peanut gallery and continuing to address Bohr] Listen, you overgrown Star Trek reject. I don't have time for this. Nick will be livid if I can't relay this information.

[[Bohr leans down, inches from Trudy's face. Both narrow their eyes in an obvious stalemate.]]
Bohr: I do not care about his or your anger ranking. I answer only to the captain of this ship and to the Supreme Fu, neither of whom have granted you access to this room.

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