General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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Trudy: [Narrowing her eyes at Bohr] Fine. You want to play it THAT way? Then let me tell you a little secret I learned about your "Great Skaboola" during a prior visit to this ship...

[[Trudy motions for Bohr to come closer. He leans down as Trudy whispers something inaudible into his "ear" hole. Surprise crosses his face at whatever she says.]]

[[Bohr straightens to his full imposing height, then narrows his eyes and scowls at Trudy. Trudy just returns a wicked smile.]]

Bohr: [Motioning toward the door] You--and ONLY you--will be permitted entrance.
[[Satisfied, Trudy moves forward. Behind her, Patty and Chris exchange confused glances.]]
Patty: One of these days, I HAVE to learn how she does that.

References: Whatever secret Trudy has to tell, she probably picked up somewhere around here...
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