General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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[[Nick interrogates Euler about the Greys' secret plan to clone Nick's technology to make a weapon.]]
Euler: [With resignation] That's all the technical details I know. Pi and Planck were intentionally left in the dark due to how closely they work with you humans.

Nick: [Glaring] How many of these devices have been built?
Euler: Three. The first prototype was tested about two of your weeks ago. The other two were kept on the Protuberance's ship.

Euler: The prototype was detonated in an uninhabited star system on the far side of what you call the Southern Coalsack Nebula, to avoid detection from you or the Valisari.

Euler: The test was a success. The entire solar system, including its binary stars and all sixteen planets, was completely destroyed. Everything was vaporized.

References: The Valisari
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