General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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Fooker: [Surprised] Yeowza. An entire solar system vaporized? Ol' Blubber Butt done topped ya, Nick.
Nick: [Grimly] And likely burned up an entire galaxy in another universe in the process.

Nick: [To Euler] What about the schematics for this "bomb"? How many copies are there?
Euler: As far as I know, just two. The databanks on the Protuberance's ship, and a backup in the Cynosure.

Dwayne: We have to assume that Nega-Nick somehow knew about this and that's what he was after.
Colonel Lionel Barker: The Protuberance's reaction would certainly lend credence to that assumption.

Nick: That makes it all the more imperative that we don't lose those "renegade" Physaric ships.
Socrates: I'm still in contact with the pursuers. We'll find out where they're headed.

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