General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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Fooker: [Pounding his fist in his hand for punctuation] If he's only got two nukes, he ain't gonna waste 'em on low-value targets. Whatever he hits, it's gotta be the money shot.
Colonel Lionel Barker: [To Fooker] Fair point, son, if inelegantly articulated.

[[Fooker shoots his father an annoyed glare as Colonel Barker turns to Nick.]]
Barker: We must prioritize potential targets by strategic value. If we can identify which inflected casualties generate the highest potential gains, we can predict his targets.

Trudy: That's just it. What possible gains ARE there? He's lost everything in his own universe, and everyone here knows who and what he is. What will blowing up a planet buy him?

Nick: I don't know, but a desperate man with nothing to lose has EVERYTHING to gain, and right now WE have everything to LOSE. I'm not sure rational thought fully applies here.

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