General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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[[Trudy approaches a junction of corridors and finally spots Nick ahead of her. He seems lost in thought, oblivious to her presence.]]
Trudy: [Thinking] There he is! I can't lose him this time!

[[Trudy catches up to him. As she shouts to get his attention...]]
Trudy: NICK!
[[... another voice off-panel overlaps her, grabbing Nick's attention first.]]
Voice: NICK!

[[Nick turns to find Fibonacci the Grey holding a tray as away from himself as possible. Sitting on the tray is a dark-colored Physaric. Fibonacci is obviously terrified to be this close to him.]]
Nick: Fibonacci? What's wrong?
Fibonacci: Th-this Physaric has something important to tell you...

Nick: [Leaning in and addressing the Physaric] Plato, isn't it?
Plato: Yes. Have you seen Socrates? For some reason, the pursuers could not contact him, so they reached out to me instead.

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