General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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[[Trudy is still trying to get Nick's attention to inform him about Ki going into labor, but he is currently distracted by Fibonacci and Plato delivering a separate urgent message.]]
Trudy: Nick! You need to--
Nick: Hold on, Trudy. Go ahead, Plato. You can tell me. If needed, I can relay the message.

Plato: I think it was intended for you in the first place. It's from the pursuers. They've been able to deduce where the "renegades" are headed.

Trudy: [Getting more desperate] Nick, listen to me!
Nick: [Annoyed] Trudy, wait your turn, please. Where are they going, Plato?
Trudy: [Angrily] Wait my turn? Listen, you isosceles-headed--

Plato: [Interrupting] The planet the Greys call Municipal Locus Alpha One. They're headed for the Cynosure.
[[End Chapter Six]]

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