General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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[[A Grey voice interrupts over the intercom.]]
Voice: Captain Pi! You are needed on the bridge immediately!
Pi: Something must be up.
Persephone: Maybe we finally got a status update from the pursuers.

Socrates: If that were the case, I would have heard from them by now.
Planck: Not in here, with all the extra shielding we put up around the MUTEX chamber.

Pi: Good point. I'll head to the bridge to find out what's going on. Planck would have a better handle on how to proceed here anyway.
Planck: You... really think so?

Pi: [Placing a hand on Planck's shoulder] I know so. If there's anyone on this ship who can figure this out whose name ISN'T Nick Wellington, it's you.
[[Planck beams with pride from Pi's heartfelt praise.]]

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