General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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[[Pi dashes to the bridge and finds Nick, Fooker, and Trudy waiting for him.]]
Pi: I'm here. What's the emergency?
Nick: We know where the Physaric "renegades" are going. They're headed for the Cynosure.

Pi: [Somewhat dumbfounded] With the "reality bombs"? You can't be serious.
Fooker: As a heart attack. They've got a pretty big head start, too. We'll be hard pressed to catch 'em.

Pi: [Turning to the bridge crew] Gauss, lay in a course for--
Gauss: [Interrupting] Already laid in, Captain. Repairs are still underway, but can be completed in transit.

Pi: [Turning back to the humans with an uncomfortable look on his face] You... didn't happen to inform the Protuberance yet, have you...?
Trudy: [Sarcastically] And let you miss all the fun? Of course not.

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