General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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Grand Protuberance: [Annoyed] Fine. We will join you as soon as our repairs are complete. However, assuming these renegades make it past the Cynosure's automated defenses, you will not reach it in time.

Nick: We'll do what we can, but it would help if you could warn the Supreme Fu ahead of time.
Protuberance: Already done.

Protuberance: What of the Physaric pursuers? Can they not intercept these "renegades"?
Nick: Not without risking becoming "infected" and turning renegade themselves.

Protuberance: This situation does not sit well with me. You will keep me apprised at routine intervals. Protuberance out.
[[The Protuberance's hologram distorts as it vanishes.]]
Fooker: [To Trudy] All things considered, I think he took it rather well...

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