General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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[[In the ship's infirmary, Ki sits uncomfortably on an examination table, in the middle of a labor contraction. Sharon stands beside her, holding her hand in support.]]
Ki: [Grunting with effort] NGH!
Sharon: [Worriedly] Oh, this is a big one! Just hang in there! Remember to breathe!

Ki: [Momentarily relaxing in exhaustion] I SWORE I would never do this! Why the %$@& am I doing it NOW?!?
Sharon: [With a sympathetic smile] Well, people do strange things when they're in love...

Sharon: [Beaming] Just remember that the joy you'll experience once this new life comes into the world will be worth all the pain, sweat, and tears you have now!

[[Flushed with hormones, Ki turns angrily on her friend, squeezing her hand so tightly that we hear a loud KRAK!]]
Ki: [Shouting] Shut the #@&& up! You call yourself my best friend? You have no %$@&ing clue what I'm going through right now!
Sharon: [Cringing in pain] I know you... don't mean that, but... ow...

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