General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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[[A pair of Grey drones enter the infirmary, carrying several large pieces of equipment and coils of cabling.]]
Grey Drone 1: Have we arrived in time? The fetus has not been extracted from incubation yet, correct?
Ki: [Exasperated] What the #@&&?

[[Curious about the commotion, Doctor Melanie Granger peeks her head around the corner.]]
Granger: What's going on? What's all this equipment for?
Grey Drone 1: We have standing orders from the Great Skaboola that if a human infant was about to be born, we must document the procedure.

Grey Drone 1: Although the Skaboola is no longer in command, these orders have not been rescinded.
Grey Drone 2: These holo-recorders will record all seven available senses for the event.

[[The first drone pulls out a very long pole covered in cables with a nasty pronged fork on the end.]]
Grey Drone 1: If you will allow me to insert this probe...
[[Ki cringes.]]
Granger: [Angrily] I'll do no such thing! Get out of here before I call security!

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