General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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[[Our focus shifts back to the MUTEX chamber. Planck lies on the floor, with the top half of his body fully submerged into the guts of Velociraptor. Alpha-Duck sits next to him, his bill in his hand, as it hands a tool to Planck. Socrates sits on the floor between them.]]
Planck: OK, I've uncoupled the flux solenoid from the quadratic capacitor housing.
Alpha-Duck: [Bored] Sounds like techo-babble to me. But what do I know? I'm just here to hand out tools.

[[The Inexplicable Speck! stands nearby, holding a data tablet. Behind him, Pi is perusing his own tablet as Fred and Persephone sit on a work desk near him.]]
Speck: [Annoyed] Gander, please. The next step is to isolate the hydrostatic matrix from the solenoid and put the hyperspace frequency modulator in between.
Planck: [Off-panel] Got it.

Fred: [To Pi] These modifications you're making to the MUTEX... they're not, say, going to mess up any of Nick's fancy calculations for getting the Earth back, are they?

Pi: Not if my own simulations are correct. If anything, this might IMPROVE things. But anything we do now should be reversible, just in case.
Fred: Yeah, still no warm fuzzies.

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