General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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[[Planck still has half of his body inside Velociraptor's base, tinkering with its guts.]]
Persephone: How's it going, Planck?
Planck: I'm almost done, Persephone. A few more twists and turns and the modulator will be in place. That ought to give us the edge we need.

Planck: Say... can someone small and squishy squeeze into this tight space and help me maneuver this into place?
Socrates: [Sitting on the floor near Planck's feet] Sure thing. I was feeling a bit useless anyway.

Pi: [To the Inexplicable Speck!, Fred, and Persephone] With this new modulator, we should not only detect the resonant frequencies of the "reality bomb", but dramatically reduce the response time needed to--
Planck: [Off-panel] Uh, oh...

[[Everyone turns toward Velociraptor.]]
Speck: Planck? Is everything--?
[[Suddenly, a massive KAZAP sound comes from Nick's device...]]

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