General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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[[There is an eerie silence in the aftermath of the loud KAZAP from the base of Velociraptor.]]
Persephone: Planck? Socrates?!
Fred: What happened?
Pi: [In a panic] I don't know! [Shoving the Inexplicable Speck! to the side] Get out of the way and let me look!

[[Our perspective shifts. From the reader's viewpoint, Pi is leaning over them, heavily shadowed, his brow knitted in concern. Alpha-Duck and the Speck! peer over his shoulders and down at the reader.]]
Pi: He's unresponsive. Life signs are erratic. Whatever was in that jolt...
Alpha-Duck: [Mildly disgusted] Look at him! Is he OK?
Speck: [Looking around with concern] Wait a minute... where's Socrates?

[[Our view flips again, this time looking over Pi's shoulder as he glances back at the others and the reader.]]
Pi: [Deeply worried] I... I don't know. We need to get him to the infirmary, fast...
[[Behind and below him, he see what we can only assume is Planck, but he looks dramatically different. While he still retains the same overall shape and size, his outline is less solid and stable. He is unconscious, with his eyes closed and his mouth slack. His skin now seems to bear similar "spots" to what we see on the Physaric "Molds", and it also seems covered in fine hair-like cilia. Most notably, he now seems to have three fingers on his hand, instead of the two Greys normally have.]]

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