General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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[[The HMS Bounty streaks through hyperspace, racing to get to the Grey home world before Nega-Nick's ships. We hear the conversation aboard the bridge.]]
Pi: Time until we reach Municipal Locus Alpha One?
Grey drone: Approximately 60 kilo-ganadans.
Nick: So about fifteen minutes.

[[Our view moves to the bridge, where we focus on Trudy, Nick, and Fooker waiting impatiently for the ship to reach its destination.]]
Trudy: [To Nick with mild annoyance] How the #@&& do you do that math in your head?
Nick: All that time spent here on the ship while Nega-Nick had taken my place. I had to adapt somehow.

[[Nearby, Colonel Lionel Barker and Victor Brown also wait, still bound in their alien handcuffs.]]
Barker: Pray tell, how do you intend to stop our adversary from destroying the Grey home world?
Nick: Not sure yet. I'm hoping we can intercept them before they get there.

Barker: If what that one Grey said is true, one does not have to worry about hitting the target pebble if one can level an entire mountain...
Nick: [Frustrated] Yes, I'm aware of that.

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