General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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Nick: [To Colonel Lionel Barker] Do YOU have a strategy you'd like to suggest, Colonel?
Barker: You know our adversary better than I. Intimately, from what I understand. Proverbially, if you were in his shoes...

Nick: [Musing aloud] If he knew about the bombs, odds are he knew about the test, which means he knows he doesn't have to get close, just "close enough".

Nick: He cares nothing about the Physarics under his control, aside from a raw resources standpoint. He won't be afraid to sacrifice as many as he needs to achieve his goal.

[[From the front of the bridge, one of the Grey drones suddenly enters a panic.]]
Grey drone: Captain! I'm reading a massive number of Physaric ships ahead! They're coming from all directions, converging on Municipal Locus Alpha One!
[[In the captain's chair, Muon cringes. Behind him, Nick raises an eyebrow in surprise.]]
Barker: [Grimly] Know thyself indeed.

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