General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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Fooker: [Stepping up to look over one of the Grey drone's shoulders] How many ships are we talking about here?
Grey drone: Hundreds... th-thousands? I-I don't know. With all OUR ships out there, the scanners are having trouble keeping up.

Nick: [Turning to the back of the bride] Plato, do our pursuers still have a lock on the scout ships carrying the bombs?
Plato: They did, but they're having to fall back to avoid coming in contact with the new arrivals.

Muon: [From the captain's chair] Rydberg, get with Plato and see if you two can pinpoint those ships before we lose them.
Rydberg: Aye, Captain!
Muon: [To the intercom] Captain Pi, report to the bridge immediately!

Trudy: [To Nick] What are they trying to do? Overwhelm the Greys by sheer numbers?
Nick: [Musing] I don't think so. It almost looks like they're forming a pattern...

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