General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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Grey drone: The incoming Physarics are converging at Lagrange point two. They seem to be... spiraling around each other for some reason...

Colonel Lionel Barker: Speculation?
Trudy: Decoys?
Fooker: Like a shell game? To keep us guessing...
Nick: No... there's more to this than that...

Grey drone: Their fleet is funneling out! They continue to spiral around each other, zooming in and out! They're forming a giant cone, aimed directly at the planet!

Rydberg: [From the back of the bridge, next to Plato] Current estimated position of the scouts with the bombs is somewhere in the middle of... THAT...
Colonel Barker: [To Nick] A spearhead.
Nick: Thrown directly at the planet.

References: Lagrange points
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