General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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Fooker: How long until we reach the system?
Nick: Another five minutes...
Muon: [From the captain's chair, shouting into the intercom] Captain Pi! Where the gnarf are you?!?

Grey drone: [From the main control panel] The defense fleet has engaged the enemy! The attacking ships are taking heavy losses, but their numbers appear to be overwhelming the defenders!

Esther Matusevitch: They're sacrificing their own ships to protect the bombs?
Colonel Lionel Barker: Ablative armor, so to speak. So long as the payload reaches the target...

Grey drone: The spearhead has made it past the first three waves of defenders! They are approaching the planet's atmosphere!
Trudy: [To Nick] They're... not going to stop it, are they...?
[[Nick scowls.]]

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