General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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[[As Ki continues to sit on her examination bed, struggling with labor pains, a small crowd bursts into the infirmary. Pi leads a floating gurney which carries the prone, unconscious form of Planck, who still looks strangely distorted. Fred and Persephone ride the gurney at Planck's feet, while the Inexplicable Speck! and Alpha-Duck follow closely behind.]]
Pi: [Panicked] Medical emergency! Clear the way!
Fred: Where's the doctor?
Ki: [Surprised upon seeing Planck] What the flip happened to HIM...?

Pi: We... we don't really know. He was blasted with some sort of energy, but we don't know exactly what kind.
[[Both Sharon and Ki stare at Planck with awkward expressions.]]
Sharon: [Mildly disgusted] He's... orange!
Ki: [Worried] And... slimy?

[[Doctor Melanie Granger enters the room, followed closely by Avogadro.]]
Granger: Ki is going into labor. My focus needs to be on her, and I don't know enough about Grey anatomy. Avogadro?
Avogadro: [Flatly] It is alright, Doctor. I will tend to Planck.

[[Avogadro gives Planck a confused once-over.]]
Avogadro: Although at this juncture, I have no idea what that will entail...
[[Just then, another Grey drone runs into the infirmary in a panic.]]
Drone: Captain Pi! There you are! You're needed on the bridge!

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