General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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[[Pi barges abruptly onto the bridge.]]
Muon: We are about to enter the Municipal Locus Alpha One system. The defense fleet is currently engaging the enemy, who are about to enter the atmosphere--

Pi: [Interrupting] Reverse course! Emergency speed! All hands brace for a rough ride!
Trudy: [Turning to Nick] Wait, I thought we were going to try and stop the--
[[Nick holds up a hand interrupt her.]]

[[Pi and Muon turn as one of the Greys at a control panel interjects:]]
Grey drone: Captain, I'm picking up a massive energy spike! It's off the charts! The energy wave is enveloping the entire planet--no, the entire solar system, and--

[[The drone never finishes his sentence. A blinding light bathes the bridge, silencing everyone. They all instinctively turn to shield their eyes, unsure whether they will survive or not...]]

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