General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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[[The scene shifts back to Alpha-Duck and the Inexplicable Speck! in the MUTEX chamber. The Speck! is on his back with his head and shoulders inside the guts of Velociraptor, much like Planck had been earlier. Alpha-Duck stands nearby looking impatient.]]
Alpha-Duck: So did the little guy get everything wired up before he got zapped?
Speck: It looks like it, but I'm not the tech whiz. That's more Holly's department. She's my teaching assistant.

Alpha-Duck: You have a T.A.? My school's too cheap for that. What is she, a praying mantis or some such?
Speck: [With a wry smile] Human. I've come to learn my universe is a bit weird like that.

[[Just then, Pi's voice interrupts over the intercom:]]
Pi: All hands brace for a rough ride!
Speck: [Concerned] That's Pi. Sounds like he made it to the bridge.
Alpha-Duck: And sounds like we need to get this puppy rolling!

[[They approach the MUTEX control panel.]]
Alpha-Duck: You don't think this wacky theory is going to work, do you?
Speck: We'll find out in a minute. If it doesn't, I guess it won't matter, will it?
[[He presses a button.]]

References: Premium subscribers can learn more about the Inexplicable Speck!'s assistant Holly Graham by searching Jeff's Sketchbook
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