General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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[[We switch back to the bridge of the HMS Bounty. Everyone is visibly shaken, slowing picking themselves up off the floor.]]
Trudy: [Shocked] We... we survived?
Fooker: If we were dead, I'd expect either harp music and fluffy clouds, or for it to be a heck of a lot hotter...

Pi: [Grimly] Status?
Drone: I'm... picking up an energy wave emanating from our ship. It appears to be counteracting the shock wave of the explosion, effectively shielding us from it.

Pi: [Surprised] Planck's plan worked!
Nick: [Grimly] That's great, and I'd love to hear the details later. What about the planet? The defense fleet? Everything else in our immediate vicinity?

Drone: I'm... not picking anything up on the scanners. The planet... the sun... all the ships, but ours and our allies... all of them are... gone...
[[Pi and Nick share a grim glance.]]
[[End Chapter Seven]]

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