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General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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[Comic for Monday, September 18, 2023]


[[The scene moves to a conference room aboard the HMS Bounty. Throughout the scene, a Grey drone is giving an oral report of the recent battle. Initially, we peer over his shoulder as he reads the report from a data tablet.]]
Grey drone: Municipal Locus Alpha One is gone. No trace of the planet, its sun, or the rest of the solar system remains. Also missing are the entire First, Third, and Fifth Fleets.

[[We pull back to view the drone's passive face as he continues to read the report.]]
Grey drone: Estimated number of Grey casualties: 6.24 billion, including six Protuberances and the Supreme Fu. Protuberance Omicron is trying to organize a new hierarchy as we speak.

[[Our view shifts to those around the table. Fooker sits with his arms folded in front of him and his head down between them. His expression is somewhere between annoyance and muted anger. To his left (the reader's right), Dwayne sits, staring into space dumbfounded. Between them, Plato sits silently.]]
Grey drone: Of course, none of this includes the Physarics and their thralls, both under the enemy's control and our allies, who are now missing. We... still don't have an approximation.

[[As the drone continues in the background, we see Nick and Trudy in the foreground. Nick places his head in his hands, while Trudy looks at him with concern.]]
Grey drone: On the positive side, we know Planck's nullification field works, but it isn't powerful enough to completely negate the bomb or protect anything outside this ship.

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